Beginners Weight Training For Women

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I think most women have been in this position before... you get into the weights section of the gym and you're the only woman there. Towered by the shadows of the guys that surround you.

You don't want to do anything wrong or feel like your every move is being watched, so you shy away and head back to the parts of the gym that you feel comfortable in.

What doesn't help either is women's weight training is full of myths and confusion.

"It will make me bulky"

"The big weights are for men only"

"x1000 reps of kickbacks to grow that peach"

"Insert some common trope about becoming the incredible hulk if they even look or breathe in the direction of a heavy dumbbell"

Lifting and the very notion of being physically powerful and strong isn't traditionally associated with the aspect of being feminine.

However... from my experience of coaching women, it is the complete opposite. It's the feeling of being strong and seeing what their body can really do which really motivates them to start and ultimately keep going.

Rather than making you bulky, weight training in combination with some cardio is one of the most effective ways to maintain body fat to muscle ratio. When you develop more muscle mass, you naturally burn more calories per day, which makes managing body fat easier.

So if you are just starting out or unsure on how to get started, here are

RMS Personal Training Top 6 Tip on Women's Weight Training.

1. Do Your Research

This 5 min read is a good start, so well done!

However... You wouldn't walk into an interview for a job knowing nothing about the job role you're applying for. Weight training is the same.

Don't start training without knowing what you're doing first. Knowledge is power. An expert's advice is essential. Signing up for a gym is two steps forward, but poor technique and execution when lifting weight will be 5 steps back when you do harm.

Speak to a personal trainer to work out what you want to achieve, they will be able to not just give you advice on how to get started but develop your ability to understand the journey ahead of you.

2. Master The Basics & Bodyweight

Don't throw yourself straight in at the deep end if you can't swim.

You don't have to jump in with heavy weight. You can start by using your own body weight. Walking lunges, press ups or chin ups are a great way of building not just strength but confidence.

If you're not sure about entering the weights area or even joining a gym, don't be afraid to use the weights you can find scattered around the home.

Water bottles, tins, stairs, sofas.... babies or pets. Don't believe me go search instagram.

The point is your gym equipment is readily available without leaving the house. You just need to know where to look. Start there if you're feeling nervous. Build your confidence.

Once you master the basics and you're comfortable with them then begin to add some resistance to your training...

3. Start With Smaller Weights Whilst You Learn

Once you have master your movements and your bodyweight, start small and build your confidence. The heavier you go the bigger the window for injury becomes.

It's essential that you firstly learn how to complete the exercise correctly, but also how your body reacts to the addition of weight.

Does your technique fall apart with the addition of weight?

Do you start to use other muscles or stop using the intended muscles?

These are the types of questions you should be asking yourself.

Don't be afraid to get it wrong. We all have to start somewhere and getting things wrong is the quickest way to learn how to get it right.

4. Learn To Train Hard

Learn to train with some aggression. Find some actual real passion and enthusiasm to your workouts.

I see not just women, but men also, come in day to day and there is really nothing to most of their workouts. They're all in the same place they was this time last year. Spending too much time on their phones, talking or just going through the motions.

These are the same people that never up their weights, or really push themselves beyond what they feel is comfortable.

However, these are the same individuals that will be the first to complain that they are not getting results.

You need to go in with the intention to shift the weight as hard as you can, it's such a big variable in training and it's responsible for so much of the changes in body composition.

So next time you are building up for your workout, switch off the world, headphones in and put maximum effort into every exercise you do.

If you are having a bad day and want to vent some aggression, don't sit sweating on the treadmill, get some weight and move it like your life depends on it. Give that a go for a few weeks and tell me how much more you enjoy your workouts.

One tip in order to build your workouts safely. Set yourself a few simple goals and week by week, gradually increase your weights to ensure you keep progressing.

5. Remember The Chapter You're On

Comparing yourself to someone is the thief of joy. Often despite all we do, we're often left feeling empty as it's never the same or not enough.

The problem with it all is that perfection is pretty much an illusion. Much of what we compare ourselves to is a highlight reel of vanity and not an accurate depiction of the human form.

Comparison comes at a great cost, robbing us of the joy and victories we deserve.

6. Give Yourself Time

We all want results overnight. Who doesn't?

The simple reality is that it isn't going to happen.

So stop stressing out if you're not in shape after week two. Consistency is the name of the game.

You have to commit to a workout plan. You've to expect to be working for a minimum of 3-6 months towards your goal with passion and enthusiasm.

Women who have worked with RMS Personal Training and seen results are the ones that have stuck to the programme. When I have wanted them to consistently put in the work for a solid 4-6 week block, they have done. When I have wanted them to take a day off, they have taken it.

My point is. That these individuals show the lengths women do actually go through when they really want change.

When it comes to women's fat loss, our main goal here at RMS Personal Training is to help to achieve the body that they've never been achieve on their own.

Whether they are just starting out and have a lot of weight to lose, or they're more experienced and in pretty good shape. I have experience in helping women from all walks of life, reach their health and fitness goals.

If you want to be average, then keep doing what you've always done. If you're someone who wants to really step up your training and achieve real results, then take on board these tips and redirect your focus on getting in shape and make it a priority in your life.

The difference in women that change their body shape through strength training over weight loss and hours doing conventional cardio is night and day.

Need More Help With Your Weight Loss Goals?

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