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10 Things I Have Learnt In 10 Years

Written by Richard Sellers - Follow us RMS Personal Training

Over the last 10 years my life has changed drastically.

On the whole, life as I type this blog is possibly the best it has ever been. But it's been far from a comfortable ride.

I am a very honest person at heart, speaking very openly on my views about anything fitness, health and wellbeing related through to the passing of my idol & role model a full decade ago.

Believe it or not though, there are certain things that I choose not to share and I keep certain cards very close to my chest.

On a professional sense, I'm literally the happiest I have ever been. The choice to create a business was single handedly the best choice I have made in my life.

However, that choice came with a path full of self doubt, stress (both mentally & physically), sleepless nights and a hell of alot of anxiety.

Personally, the less said about that stage of my life the better.

With every up there is a down, but with each twist and turn that has been thrown my way, I have learnt a new life lesson.

So with that introduction out of the way and with it being the end of a decade, here's my 10 lessons life has taught me from the last 10 years... in no real order here we go!

1. Being your true self both attracts and alienates. Both are perfectly fine. Sometimes the latter is a necessary evil.

2. The term "No Risk, No Reward" isn't just a motivational quote. Your life will change if you're just willing to take that risk.

3. The rewards are only relative to the risk you're willing to take and the effort you're willing to put in.

4. If you're looking to start your own business, I hope you're ready to be comfortable with being uncomfortable. Honestly, it can be an utter shitshow at times!

5. Every aspect of life takes work, thought, time and love.

Friends, family, career, business, health and all the above.

6. Failing is not correlated to failure. It is an opportunity to learn, grow and succeed.

7. Don't expect everyone to have your back. Jealousy can be a bitch.

8. The light will eventually shine. In your darkest moments, your brightest opportunities always arrive.

9. Be present in the moment & grateful for everything you currently have. It could all be gone in a single heartbeat.

10. Coffee is literally gold dust.

11. People are too philosophical on social media. Insert topless photo or booty pic followed by a quote by Socrates. Success is built on likes right?

12. I need to learn how to count.

Whatever the last 10 years has taught you. I hope you lived, laughed and loved.

From RMS Personal Training, whatever the next 10 years brings you, I hope you live, laugh and love.



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